Why Polished Concrete Floors is Your Best Choice

Why Polished Concrete Floors is Your Best Choice

For quite some time now, polished concrete floors have become undoubtedly the most popular and widely spread flooring option used for residential, commercial and industrial spaces. Today, as the need arises, more and more contractors spring up on the global marketplace claiming to offer high-quality polished concrete flooring solutions at an economical price. The growing popularity of polished concrete floors is mainly attributed to the lots of benefits polished concrete floors offer. If you are thinking which flooring option to go for, you should definitely give some thought to polished concrete floors.

Installation is cost effective

Generally, installation costs for polished concrete is less than the cost of other concrete coating system

Available For Immediate Use

Since no chemicals are used in the installation and polishing of the concrete floors, there will be no problem putting into service the already polished areas. Especially when it comes to such institutions as hospitals, hypermarkets or production plants where safety is of huge importance, polished concrete floor areas could be immediately used without any worries.

Environment Friendly

Concrete polishing process is a mechanical dust-free and water-free surface preparation system utilizing water-base, odourless, zero VOC chemicals enabling minimal interference in your day to day operations.

Mark & Stain Free

Polished concrete floors have by far the best protection against any kinds of stains and marks. That is why it is great for commercial and residential applications, more and more facilities and warehouses opting for polished concrete flooring instead of other types of flooring options. One particularly great advantage is that it leaves no tire marks or scratches at all.

The Floor Can Breathe

The number one cause of concrete coating failure is hydrostatic pressure building up under the coating. Polished concrete can breath, allowing moisture to escape while not allowing salts or efflorescence to form, increasing surface spill resistance.

Low Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are one of the easiest flooring options to maintain. Sweeping and mopping, occasionally damp mopping, are the only cleaning activities you will want to engage in so as to preserve the high gloss and prevent the accumulation of dirt on the flooring surface. If the floors are proficiently installed and polished, you won’t need to worry about re-polishing the surface too soon. Ten years is a guarantee that your floors will look great with minimum care!

Polished concrete floor is a best alternative in flooring for industrial, commercial, residential, institutional and government applications. It is the most cutting-edge and economical flooring solution today.

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