Why Polished Concrete Floors is Your Best Choice

What to Do If You Spot Cracks in Polished Concrete Floors?

With proper cleaning and maintenance, polished concrete flooring is designed to last at least 20 years. Part of your ongoing maintenance is addressing cracks as soon as they form. This will keep your flooring looking its best, but will also reduce trip hazards and keep your facility clean and sanitary—as bacteria will quickly find its way into the cracks. Here is what to do if you spot cracks in polished concrete floors.

Identify The Source Of The Crack

For starters, you want to identify what caused the crack. Sometimes it will be apparent, such as a heavy piece of machinery that fell over resulting in damage. While durable, there are some types of collisions that even concrete can’t stand up to. However, cracks may also be a sign that there are interior or exterior problems with your foundation or underlayment. If this is the case, you must repair the foundation first, then address the crack.

Ensure It Is A Crack

Concrete floors can crack, chip, or spall—and each needs to be addressed in an appropriate manner. Cracking should look like an uneven line or split, that is initially fairly seamless. If left unaddressed, the crack can spread in length and is prone to further separation. Chipping often occurs at the origin of a crack. For example, where the corner of a heavy metal object was dropped. If left unaddressed, even a small chip can widen and create additional cracks. Spalling is sometimes mistaken as a crack, but looks less like a cracked egg and more like a series of widening flakes. Spalling occurs when your concrete is exposed to too much moisture or abrasive chemicals that have been allowed to pool for long periods of time. Just as with a crack, you must identify the cause of the spalling before you move forward with a repair. Cracks, chips, and spalls may not initially be a fall risk, but can create uneven flooring. They are also unsealed areas of your concrete in which bacteria and allergens can accumulate. Depending on the type of business you operate, this may create a sanitation compliance violations.

Call In A Professional Concrete Repair Team

Even if your in-house maintenance team has worked with concrete, you want your polished concrete repair to look seamless. For example, you can use a grinder to smooth and polyurethane to seal a fine crack—but the repaired area is likely to be discolored. Turn to a professional concrete repair team and they will both assess the cause of the damage, and the best approach to a seamless repair and restain.

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