Surface Preparation and Maintenance

Shine Up Your Surfaces with Professional Care from Novus Polishing in Vancouver, BC

Achieve a highly polished and durable flooring surface with Novus Polishing Systems in Vancouver, BC. Our expert team offers a wide range of services, including concrete polishing, epoxy coatings, and terrazzo restoration.

Make Flooring Removal and Surface Preparation Quick and Easy With Novus Polishing Systems

At Novus, we understand the importance of proper surface preparation and maintenance in Vancouver. That’s why we specialize in quick and efficient flooring removal services, using ride-on equipment to tackle even the largest commercial areas.

Our team has experience removing a wide range of flooring types, from carpet and ceramic tile to epoxy coatings and more. By prepping the exposed surface, we can ensure that your new coverings will be installed on a sound foundation. And with our fleet of industrial floor grinders and scrapers, we can save you time on your construction schedule.

Trust Novus for all your flooring removal and surface preparation needs in Vancouver.

Professional Surface Preparation & Maintenance: For Safe and Durable Flooring You Can Trust.

Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace should always be a priority. This is where Surface Preparation and Maintenance in Vancouver comes in.

A crucial part of any flooring installation or remodeling project, surface preparation is the key to ensuring that the new floor adheres properly and lasts for years to come. From removing the existing floor to properly grooming the concrete slab, this process sets the foundation for a successful installation.

Not only does it improve long-term durability, but it also helps to avoid safety hazards such as slipping or tripping. Investing in professional surface preparation and maintenance services is the first step towards maintaining a safe and efficient work environment.

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Look no further than Novus Polishing Systems! Our team of experts offers a range of services, from decorative concrete coating and concrete topping to moisture mitigation and self-leveling systems.

We are also specialized in concrete staining and dyeing, a technique that creates a unique and beautiful look for your space. Whatever your needs may be, our industrial epoxy floor coating and diamond grinding services will exceed your expectations.

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