How to Pick the Best Concrete Restoration Services for your Building?

Concrete is a durable and versatile flooring material popular for both decorative and structural use. While durable, your concrete floors are susceptible to damage, wear, and tear. You must take a proactive approach to maintaining your concrete and immediately restoring any damage. Here are some tips for selecting the best concrete restoration services for your building.

Concrete Must Be Their Specialty

Just because someone has worked with concrete in the past, that doesn’t make them an expert—and your building is too valuable to leave in the hands of a inexperienced professional. You need someone who has a track record for successful concrete restoration services, particularly concrete installation, resurfacing, and restoration. Sometimes your concrete expert will specialize in a variety of commercial flooring systems.

They Must Have A Portfolio

Whether you simply want a seamless repair in your current finish, or you want to upgrade to a decorative or polished finish—you will want to take a look at their recent portfolio. That way you will be able to see the quality, range, and decorative craftmanship of their work. Better yet, ask to view some “Before and After” photos. This should include Before and After of concrete flooring repairs and upgrades, as well as buildings that transitioned from carpet or tile to concrete.

Check Their Reviews

Any reputable company will be pleased to share a few referrals or letters of recommendation with you, but also head online to see what their customers have posted on your local review sites. This will give you an honest and unbiased idea of the pros and cons for the vendor you are considering.

Find Someone Who Can Serve Your Long-Term Needs

While concrete restoration services are your current need, as your business continues to thrive you may find yourself looking for more ways to improve the safety, function, and interior design. No matter what the type of maintenance or repair, it is always easier to have someone who can serve all of your needs. In this case, installation, polishing, colored concrete, concrete inlays, resurfacing, and restoration.

More Than Flooring

There once was a time that concrete was a cost-effective, generic grey flooring perfect for industrial use. However, modern day concrete can be applied in a stylized manner appropriate for industrial, contemporary, or even luxurious homes and businesses. It is durable, easy to clean, and keeps allergens and bacteria to a minimum. Depending on the decorative design you select your concrete may be mistaken by your patrons for a natural material such as marble!

If you own a business in the Vancouver area, and your current concrete flooring is chipped, cracked, or flaking—don’t put off your repair. The longer you wait the higher your risk for falls, and increased repair expenses. Reach out to Novus Polishing Systems today and we will assess your damages and perform the quality concrete restoration services you require!