Most Common Questions About Polished Concrete Floors

Most Common Questions About Polished Concrete Floors

Is it possible for any concrete floor to be polished?

Just about any concrete floor can be polished. The type of floor that would probably not be ideal for polished concrete would be flooring that will be constantly exposed to acids or saturated with oil.

Is polished concrete environmental friendly?

100% Environment-friendly. Instead of harvesting resources to just cover the concrete, polished concrete prevents waste, and also is extremely long lasting.

How does the floor end up so shiny?

Rather then having a pitted surface that refracts light, the light reflects off of the floor which is what causes the shine on the surface. This is not a produce you go and buy , nor a sealer that makes the floor shine. It’s the concrete itself reflecting the light .

How do I keep up with polished concrete?

The easiest system to maintain would have to be polished concrete. It also doesn’t require any aggressive cleaners or brushes to lift dirt away. No waxing or striping will be necessary. If polished concrete is going to be used in a public building, using very soft brushes, an auto scrubber can be used.

How long before I can use the polished floor?

During the grind and polish process the polished floor is really able to be walked on . Due to it being a mechanical process, there is no ‘cure’ time. It takes less then 30 minutes to dry if a sealer has been used.

What is the financial pricing of polished concrete?

Polished concrete can cost you anywhere from a $3.50 dollar a square foot or twenty dollars a square foot. Since it is not just a mass-manufactured product that you can just install, you have to go through a whole process of grinding and polishing the floor. It depends on how good of condition the floor already is, how elaborate any decorative option could be, also how open the floor plan is.

Am I able to use polished concrete outdoors?

If the polished concrete has a high sheen it is not recommended to be used outdoor, although, a matte (up to 100 grit) or even a low sheen (400 grit) could be used outdoors. Engraved techniques, saw cuts, and exposed aggregates are decorative concrete application that are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor.

Why would I choose to polish concrete instead of epoxy or other floor coating?

Dealing with flooring costs, polished concrete will definitely help in the long run. When having coating they will begin to wear away from the surface and must be reapplied frequently in order for the flooring to be kept up. Throughout polished concrete life-span it exceeds almost all coating, and also has no VOC’s. For the process of coating, the area must be restricted from any foot traffic.

Are concrete floors slippery?

It may appear that the floors are slippery, but this is only because of the shiny visual of the floor. It has been tested and it has shown that polished concrete usually either meets or exceeds OSHA standards (.50) for slip resistance on floor surfaces.

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