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epoxy flooring vancouver services image of polished concrete in Yamaha Checkpoint building in Port CoqutilamOur floors don’t typically get much of our attention until they are damaged, dirty, or otherwise in need attending to. Despite that, they are quite literally the foundation we stand upon, and as part of our business, they are not only responsible for helping to create a professional
appearance, but also play a role in efficiency and safety.

Epoxy is used as a floor covering and a sealant on concrete floors. When not used for coating floors, it may also be used as an adhesive. Although epoxy resin may occasionally be used on walls and ceilings, it is typically used on floors and walkways and is often found in commercial and industrial buildings.

Epoxy has several benefits when used as a floor covering, including:

• Covers Defects, Revitalizing Appearance

Adding an epoxy floor coating has a transformative effect. Whether it is the floor of your business or a home garage, the results are sleek, elegant, and beautifying. It also serves to cover defects, further revitalizing the floor.

Decorative touches, such as the paint colour of your choice or chips of quartz or mica can be added to the epoxy mixture, which means that beauty and style can be brought to even the most utilitarian spaces.

• What is the cost of Epoxy Flooring & is it Cost-Effective?

Changing your floor can be expensive. Removing the current flooring and then purchasing and installing the new materials can add up quickly. Epoxy is quite affordable by comparison, even allowing you to retain your current floor while adding an epoxy finish for an engaging new appearance. Epoxy will require some drying time between coats, but it still has economical choice, especially when considering the durability. The reasons behind this are:

• It is Long-Lasting

Once put in place, the epoxy will not need to be redone for a lengthy period. It is highly resistant (see below) and will not require you to redo it only a few years later. You can expect it to remain beautiful for years to come.

• Is Epoxy Flooring Highly Resistant?

Your new epoxy flooring is perfect for industrial or high-traffic areas. It can resist shock, heat, water, and chemicals that would severely damage other types of flooring. This is one reason why it is a popular choice for garages, where it can endure being driven on, corrosive liquids, and staining from spills like oil. Dropped tools and falling equipment will not damage your floor.

Water can prove damaging for many types of flooring, but epoxy will protect your floor from distortion. You may wish to consider adding a slip-resistant aggregate if you anticipate the floors becoming wet often, as the water will not be absorbed and may become slippery.

• Easy to Maintain

One benefit that is sure to be appreciated is the ease of maintenance. A covered concrete floor becomes less dusty and can be easily swept. During winter, salt from the roads will not harm the floor and will be easily removed. It is also more sanitary than standard floors because even germs and bacteria cannot adhere to the epoxy.

• It is Eco-Friendly

Epoxy is a more environmentally friendly choice, requiring few materials, and not requiring replacement every few years. This means that fewer resources are used in installing and maintaining your floors. When you are looking for new flooring, epoxy is your number one choice for a durable, functional, and attractive floor.

Can this be used in homes as epoxy flooring garage material?

Yes, definitely!  It is very effective and appealing as a concre te sealing material for your garage.

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