How to Care for and Maintain Diamond Flooring in Commercial Buildings?

Diamond grinding your concrete pavement or natural stone floors is an excellent way to update, preserve, or improve your flooring. Once refinished you must implement a daily diamond floor care plan. With proper cleaning and maintenance, your flooring can last a lifetime and only needs to be re-polished every 10 years or so.

Why Choose Diamond Grinding?

Over time concrete, marble, granite and natural stone dull and wear, creating minor pits, divots, or visible grooves and irregularities. Diamond grinding is the fastest and easiest way to correct these irregularities—as well as remove contaminants that work their way into the grooves, where they are all but impossible to eliminate. We use a commercial grinder with tiny diamond bits to grind the surface, leaving you with a smooth and flawless finish. Once complete we will seal your floor to protect your new finish. Your floor will look better than brand new.

Cleaning And Maintenance Will Prolong Your New Finish

The dirt and grit tracked in on the soles of shoes can scratch or gouge your smooth new finish. To prolong the life of your floor, you must sweep and dry mop your floors daily. Even if there is no visible debris all exposed areas must be cleaned, as it can be difficult to spot on concrete or natural stone. In commercial buildings, entryways and other high traffic areas must be cleaned multiple times a day, and lower traffic areas at least once daily. Residential flooring must be cleaned at least twice each week. Always use non-abrasive cleansers and fibers.

Ongoing Maintenance

Depending on the amount of daily traffic and your commitment to sweeping and mopping, your flooring should remain smooth and beautiful for at least 10 years. Once your flooring begins to dull or shows visible scratching, you can have a rejuvenation performed. This process is less aggressive than grinding, as it will hone or polish the surface—or just the areas that have been scratched. To minimize the need for rejuvenation, strategically placed runners and floor mats throughout your building, or anywhere where heavy machinery is wheeled or placed. However, periodic polishing is an essential part of diamond floor care.

Not Just For Standard Floor Care

If your concrete or natural stone flooring is stained, has paint splatters, or deep scratches—diamond grinding can clean, smooth, and refinish your flooring. Diamond technology may also be an effective manner of removing adhesive or epoxy. It is also the perfect way to beautify flooring that has been covered by carpet, tile, or other semi-permanent flooring.

The grinding process is dust-free and your ongoing diamond floor care is easy to maintain. Reach out today to learn more about the how Novus Polishing Systems can improve your current concrete or natural stone flooring. We can also install the perfect flooring for your new building, or upgrade the flooring in your current building.