An Alternative for Non-Polished Slabs-Overlayments

Ardex PC-T Polished Concrete Topping

ARDEX PC-T Polished Concrete Topping is a self-drying, self-levelling blend of portland cements and other hydraulic cements for creating polished concrete floor. Use ARDEX PC-T to provide a hard, flat, smooth surface that can be polished. ARDEX PC-T is ideal in areas such as retail stores, schools, warehouses, airports and all interiors where a polished concrete surface is desired. ARDEX PC-T can be installed over concrete that contains in-floor heating . If the concrete substrate has in-floor heating, it should be turned off and the concrete allowed to cool before installing Ardex Polished Concrete System .

ARDEX PC-T install from 3/8″ to 2″ (9.5 mm to 5 cm) neat and up to 5″ (13 cm) with the addition of aggregate . Walkable in 2-3 hours, ARDEX PC-T hardens fast due to its unique self-drying formulation – it can be polished in as little as 24 hours. ARDEX PC-T grind and polishes really well, making it an excellent choice for polished decorative floors . For flat surfaces one 50-pound bag covers 16.7 sq. ft. at 3/8″ thick and 12.5 sq. ft. at 1/2″ thick .

Key Features

  • Self-drying
  • Portland cement-based
  • Interior use
  • Pourable and pumpable
  • Available in light gray, gray, and white

Rapid Set Tru- Floor Topping, Resurfacing & Underlayment

Choose Rapid Set® TRU® Self-Leveling when a high-quality and fast floor topping, resurfacer or underlayment is required. TRU Self Leveling is an advanced hydraulic cement-based, self-leveling topping, resurfacer and underlayment that can be used both indoors and outdoors. This crack-resistant, durable, one-component system won’t deteriorate in damp conditions. It is ideal for projects that require long flow life and working time while achieving high early strength.

TRU rapidly levels, maintains workability for 30 minutes, and produces a smooth, strong surface with high bond strength. Save time since TRU Self Leveling is ready for foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours and for coatings in about 12 hours. TRU Self-Leveling cures to a light off-white color ideal for stained, dyed, or integrally colored floors and decorative embedded aggregate flooring. TRU also grinds and polishes well, making it an excellent choice for polished decorative floors. For flat surfaces, one 50-pound bag covers 22-24 square feet at ¼-inch thick and 11-12 square feet at ½-inch thick.

Q: Can TRU be polished?

A: Rapid Set TRU is ideal for polished, decorative floors due to its high early strength and low polymer load. These advantages allow TRU to be polished to a high luster with excellent clarity in as little as 24 hours after placement.

Q: Can color be added to TRU?

A: Yes. Integral colors may be used as required. Liquid pigments are recommended because they generally have a lesser effect on the flow of TRU. However, the type of color and the amount used may alter and/or decrease the performance characteristics of TRU. Stains and dyes can also be an effective means of coloring the TRU. With any method, a test pour should be conducted using uncolored TRU as well as TRU with the intended color for comparison. If the color negatively impacts the characteristics of TRU, the color additive should be reduced or eliminated.

Q: Does TRU require a primer prior to placement?

A: Yes. When TRU is placed over a porous substrate trapped air in the substrate migrates to the surface causing pin holes and bubbles. A primer seals the surface of the substrate, reducing or preventing pin holes. Primers can also reduce water loss into the substrate and increase adhesion..

Q: What type of primer should I use with TRU?

A: CTS Cement recommends the use of Rapid Set® TRU Epoxy Primer (TXP) for best results in decorative or polished floor applications. For all other applications, Rapid Set Acrylic Primer is acceptable.

Q: How should I mix TRU and can it be pumped?

A: Batch mixers by CS Unitec (Hippo Mixer) or Strong Manufacturing are the preferred methods of mixing TRU to achieve uniform mixing throughout the batch. TRU can also be mixed in buckets or barrels with a 650 rpm drill and “helix style” paddle mixer. A batch mixer and mortar pump can be used for placement.

Q: Is TRU as fast as other Rapid Set® products?

A: TRU provides much more working time than typical Rapid Set® products. At 70° F, TRU has a 15 minute flow life and can provide up to 30 minutes working time.

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