4 Reasons Why All Car Repair Shops Should Pick Commercial Grade Epoxy Flooring Systems

If you are ready to upgrade your car repair shop and are looking for an alternative to standard concrete flooring—commercial epoxy flooring systems should be at the top of your list. Versatile epoxy is a popular choice for vehicle showrooms, customer waiting areas, parts centers, and more. Below are 4 reasons why making the switch is something you should consider.

Stain Resistant Flooring

Even with daily cleaning it is impossible to keep your concrete flooring clean. By upgrading to commercial epoxy flooring systems, you never have to worry about the grease, oil, weather, or automotive liquids leaving an unsightly stain on your shop floors. Yes, liquids will still spill, but they will not be able to penetrate your epoxy—even if they are left sitting until the end of the day to be cleaned up. Aside from being stain resistant, epoxy is also UV resistant, and reflective. This means the color won’t fade, and the reflectivity can help to reduce your energy and lighting consumption.

Durable Flooring

Although porous and susceptible to stains and cracks, concrete is popular for the plain and simple fact that it is durable. However, it’s no longer your only option! Epoxy can last up to 25 years, easily keeping up with your high volume of service and repairs. Your new flooring will be commercial bonded ensuring it can stand the test of time. Not only does epoxy repel stains, but it is a scuff-proof alternative that will never show tire marks. It is also more comfortable to stand and walk on while working—and not just for your automotive repair shop!

Easy To Clean

You need your entire shop to be easy to clean, and commercial epoxy flooring systems support this goal. The perfect water and liquid repellent flooring during the day, and super simple to clean at the end of the day. Just sweep or clean mop with an industrial size microfiber dust mop and a standard and non-abrasive floor chemical. Spot clean spills and messes as needed with a rag or automotive cloth.

Professional Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring systems are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Most automotive repairs shops opt for grey or neutrals, but feel free to stylize your shop with a decorative finish. Alternatively, opt for one finish in your repair bays, and another in your tire center, showroom, lobby, or technician center. Your clean, level, and aesthetically pleasing flooring will impress both your team and your customers.

These are just 4 of the benefits of upgrading to commercial epoxy flooring systems, but once installed you are sure to identify a few more. To learn more, or to discuss the best flooring solutions for your automotive center, repair shop, or commercial business—reach out to Novus Polishing Systems today!