Concrete Sealer&Densifier

Concrete Sealer&Densifier


Silicate Technology

ReflectiDP® Dust Proof Concrete Densifier is a penetrating, non-film forming densifier that provides a dust-proof surface. It’s penetrating components chemically react with the concrete matrix creating additional calcium silicate hydrate (CSH) structures within the pores, while also filling near surface voids. These new cementitious materials are permanently bonded together resulting in the slab having increased density and abrasion resistance.

ReflectiDP® provides some hydrophobic properties which will improve water and stain resistance. If a higher hydrophobic protective barrier is needed for repelling water, oil, and other common contaminants, it is recommend to use ReflectiFINISH® Concrete Sealer & Guard after ReflectiDP® application.


  • No Rinse Formulation
  • Use on New or Existing Concrete
  • Extends Service Life & Performance
  • Significantly Increases Abrasion Resistance
  • Dust-Proof
  • Increased Liquid & Stain Resistance
  • Reduces Alkalinity Efflorescence
  • VOC Compliant
  • Does Not Contribute to ASR
  • Formulated for Use on Soft & Porous Slabs
  • 20-Year Dust Warranty*


Novus Certificates

Novus Certificates

ARDEX Polished Concrete Systems Training Seminar
Graduate of Polished Concrete University

Graduate of Polished Concrete University

PCU Polished
Retroplate System Certified

Retroplate System Certified