Reflective Flooring

Reflective Floor® Systems are complete systems for multiple types of flooring needs that provide highly sustainable floors which substantially increases and improves the concrete’s structural integrity while also providing attributes for projects with Green Initiatives.

It does not matter what condition the concrete is in, if it is new or old, Reflective Floor® has a system and products that will enhance and revitalize the aesthetics, service life, durability, and performance to withstand the test of time providing the highest lifetime Return on Investment (ROI).

ReflectiDP Dust Proof

Affordable, easy to apply densifier for new or existing concrete floors with a matte, low reflective finish. Dust proofs, increases abrasion resistance, and forms a barrier eliminating liquids from penetrating. No rinse formulation means no disposal of hazardous high pH wastewater, reducing the impact on health risks and the environment.


  • FINISH: Low Reflectivity
  • WARRANTY: 20-Year
  • PROCESS: Single Application
ReflectiDP Dust Proof

ReflectiPOLISH 10

Budget friendly, easy to apply system for new or existing concrete designed as a matte, low reflective finish. Customizable if a higher gloss finish is specified or desired. Dust proof concrete with increased abrasion resistance. No rinse formulation, non-toxic, and low to zero VOCs.


ReflectiPOLISH 10
  • FINISH: Low to High Reflectivity
  • WARRANTY: 10-Year
  • PROCESS: Wet & Dry

ReflectiPOLISH 25

Highest quality, complete polishing system for new or existing with a low to highest reflective gloss finish utilizing the latest advancements in colloidal silica technology. Implementing RF System and applying ReflectiFLOOR® products as specified, concrete floors will be densified into a solid mass that is permanently dust proof, extremely abrasion resistant which extends its service life and performance. Incredibly low maintenance & completely sustainable.


  • FINISH: Low to Highest Reflectivity
  • WARRANTY: 25-Year
  • PROCESS: Wet Only
ReflectiPOLISH 25